Get involved with breastfest

you make all this possible

You can’t do everything, but everyone can do something.

Consider which of the following you can do to help make this year’s event a greater success than last year!  We couldn’t do this without you.

Use this form to let us know how you can VOLUNTEER during our 2019 event!  We’d appreciate the help!

    Please check all areas you may be interested in volunteering with throughout the day of BreastFest. The next question will ask when you're available.
    Please check all times you may be available to volunteer with BreastFest. The next question will ask how many shifts you would like.
    Volunteers who have shifts longer than 2 hours will receive a break and a free meal ticket to thank them for their work. Please indicate how many shifts you are comfortable with.
  • All BreastFest Volunteers receive shirts to indicate who they are to festival attendees and serve as a nice memento from the event.
  • Individuals who volunteer with our event may be asked to pick up items, move prizes, or assist with other physical tasks. Please use this area to indicate anything you would not feel comfortable doing (ie. picking up items over 50lbs or working with kids) so we can assign you to the most appropriate post.